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Word of the Qrayeh Head of Municipality: Mr. Maroun Abdo Antoun


Dear citizens,

Welcome to the official website of Qrayeh’s municipality.

I am pleased to announce that this website represents one of the first practical and concrete actions which we promised to achieve in our electoral campaign and which has become true. The objective of such step is to keep pace with the times, to mechanize the administration and to facilitate the workflow of the citizens’ transactions.
We also aim through this website, in addition to having a comprehensive overview of our town, to provide a free platform for you and us through which we can communicate practically, easily and modernly; we are seeking to activate this website, hoping that it will be the first proper step in the journey of municipal work, through which you can send us your complaints and suggestions.
Peter Drucker once said: "Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility".
My hometown Qrayeh has honored me with this opportunity to serve it, and I am totally aware of the huge size of challenges, complicated files, and the unpopular decisions that I will be facing; however, I have full confidence that good faith and strong will can achieve the impossible. Through this I will not be relying on my personal capacities, but first on God and the patrons of our town: the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Gergess, and second on you, and finally on our collective consciousness.

My weapon throughout this is justice and treating everyone equally.

Based on this, we launched a campaign to activate the civil society in the municipal work through establishing civil committees from outside the elected municipal council in order to be able to take part in the decision-making and promote our town to the highest levels.
This is the responsibility of all of us because Qrayeh represents our history, our present and our future, our home now and our shrine later on; it deserves to deploy personal efforts for its sake, away from silly disagreements becausewe are all one family, with one history, one present and one future.

Once it was said: “If you dare to dream of the impossible, the impossible can come true”.

I dream of a town:

That embraces diversity and differences and considers them as joy and strength,

That depends on its history to build its own future,

That strengthens the bonds of coexistence with the neighboring towns while maintaining its privacy,

Whose sons and daughters work together in solidarity for the sake of its development and preservation,

That provides a decent life and the basic life services to everyone,

That is modern, typical, preserves the environment and takes into account the public health and safety conditions,

Where everyone is an overseer and a watchman.


I would like to conclude with the following: If saying the truth leaves me with no friend, I ask God you all remain my friends and my beloved ones.

Overview of Qrayeh

The ton of Qrayeh is located in the South district, district of Saida. It is 5 km away from the center of the district, and 50 km away from the capital.
Qrayeh is situated 150 m above sea level at its lowest level and 200 m at its highest. According to its geographical location, it extends on the slope of a hill between the towns of “Jensnaya” from the East and “Ain El-Delb” from the West.
Qrayeh stretches over an estimated area of 475 hectars.


The borders of Qrayeh are as follows:
From the east: the town of Jensnaya
From the west: the towns of Ain El-Delb and HaritSaida
From the north: the towns of Al-Salhiyyeh and Majdalyoun
From the south: the towns of Tanbourit and Zeghdraya
From the northeast: the towns of WadiBaankoudin and Kfarjarra
From the northwest: the towns of HaritSaida
From the southeast: the town of Miyye w Miyye
From the southeast: the town of Al-Mjaydel

How to access Qrayeh :

From Saida to the east following the direction from Saida to Jbeih towards HaritSaida then to Ain Delb all the way to Qrayeh.