- The strong faith and fear of God that he had inherited from their ancestors townspeople, making them cling to their land and constructs statues of saints in most neighborhoods of the town.
- Statue Cross, which was built in 2009, which is located on a hill is one of the most beautiful sights in the town, was constructed actively young people of the town, and individual blessing
- A shrine to the Virgin Mary and Mazar lady tenderness, was established in 1998 and has become a popular destination for visitors of the town and neighboring countries, to include a huge statue of the Virgin and a beautiful natural plate.
- Alzenklah a cave shrine, and is one of the oldest caves in the area, so that where there are shrines, according to historians date back to the era the Romans.
-This in addition to the path of the saints, which extends between the neighborhoods of the town, among them the Association A series of statues, including:
Statue of St. George, the patron saint of the town, was built in 2009
Statue of St. Charbel, the patron saint of Lebanon, was built in 2010
A statue of the saint Rafka, Patroness of Lebanon, was built in 2010
Hardini statue of the saint, the patron saint of Lebanon, was built in 2011
Large statues at the entrance to the town, and one of the Virgin Mary and the second to St. George Patrons of the town village, constructed at 2014.