There are three churches in Qrayeh, two for the Maronite and one for the Catholic Greek.

Saint Gergess Church

This church is for the Maronites. It was built on the remains of an old church which had the shape of an ancient cellar. In 1913, the cornerstone of this church was laid and the foundation was completed in 1914. The construction work was interrupted by World War I, but it was resumed in 1925, and the building was completed with a ceiling in 1927. In 2014, it celebrated its first centenary.
It celebrates the feast day of its patron Saint Gergess on April 23. The following priests all served the parish of Saint Gergess:

Period Name of the Priest
1767- 1785 Priest Youssef Chalhoub
1785- 1820 Priest Antoin Chalhoub
1820- 1860 Priest Hanna Chalhoub
1860- 1864 Priest Antoin Chalhoub
1864- 1896 Priest Gergis Kassb
1896- 1942 Priest Peter Kassab
1942- 1944 Priest Hanna Chalhoub
1944- 1977 Priest Maroun Chalhoub
1977- 2001 Priest Peter Chalhoub
2001- 2007 Priest Antoin Chalhoub
2007- 2008 Priet Youssef Abou Zeid
2008- 2012 Priest Jean Pierre Charbel
2012- 2015 Priest Pierre Jabour
2015- الان Priest Antoin Chalhoub

Virgin Mary Church

It is a church for the Greek Catholic which was built in 1954.
Feast day of its patron: September 8, Nativity of Mary.

The following priests served the parish of Virgin Mary:

Period Name of the Priest
1965- 1976 Priest Maksimos Costantine
1967- 1982 Priest Rimon Cobty
1982- 1989 Priest Jabour Francis
1989- 1993 Priest Antoin Saad
1993- 2002 Priest Antoin Sobhyeh
2002- 2008 Priest Nicolas Saghbini
2008- 2015 Priest Habib Khalaf
2015- الان Priest Michel Haddad

Saint Joseph Church

It is a private church located at the end of the town in Al-Kerkashiyyeh region. This church was built by Youssef Hleilel in his own land. The Holy Mass is celebrated on special occasions, particularly the feast day of Saint Joseph, its patron.