Civil associations

A- Nadi Al-Achbal (The Cubs Club): Established in 1963 in Qrayeh; it is attached to the Ministry of Youth and Sports pursuant to notice no. 392. It is a sportive, cultural and social club which includes volleyball, basketball and mini football teams.


B- Liqaa Al-Ajyel (Gathering of Generations): Founded in 2004 pursuant to notice no .....
C- Scout of National Education -Qrayeh Founded in 2014 and it includes a music band.
D- Youth of the Cross: Founded in 2009; it is mainly concerned with making shrines throughout the town and adding touches of beauty wherever it is necessary.

Religious associations

A- Qrayeh’s Marianist Brotherhood:

This Association is concerned with all types of guidance, particularly religious guidance. It also organizes various types of activities dedicated to all age groups and social categories in the town. It includes all age groups and it is divided into several sections:


1. Knights of the Virgin Mary Brotherhood: Founded in 1964 for children between 4 to 12 years old.
2. Vanguards of the Virgin Mary Brotherhood: Founded in 1972 for teenagers between 13 to 18 years old.
3. Youth of the Virgin Mary Brotherhood: Founded in 1994 for people between 19 to 35 years old.
4. Main Brotherhood: Brotherhood of the Immaculate Conception: Founded in 1945 from the age of 36 and above.


B- The Sacred Heart of Jesus Family
C- The Rosary Group
D- The Neocatechumenal Way
E- Saint Gergess Choir
F- Virgin Mary Choir