The Municipality

The municipality is a small government department that carries out its duties on a specific geographical level; it organizes and plans for development projects aimed at highlighting the cultural aspect of the region. The President of the Municipality has broad powers in terms of planning, implementation and recruitment, as he is considered as the High Commissioner. The first municipality was elected in 1960; it was presided by Mr. Milad Elias Saliba and it consisted of eight members, but this municipality was short-lived because of personal conflicts that took place at the time.

Since then, no municipality has been formed or elected; Ms. Angel Hleihel has been facilitating the internal affairs of the town. In 1998, the electoral process was organized by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities

Qrayeh’s Successive Presidents of the Municipality

Name of the President of Municipality Election Year
Maroun Abdo Antoun 2016
Maroun Fouad Dib 2010
Maroun Fouad Dib 2004
Youssef Khalil Kassab 1998
Milad Elias Saliba 1960