Mayor is a man which have many relationships and knowledges,and who enjoys the love of the people. The role is to know all the people and publicize them. Taken to the French title with a mandate to expand and influence is growing with the passage of time. Rahbani plays did not devoid of mayors Odouraha play, so as to highlight the importance of its social, economic and weigh on the level of the town and its surroundings. And mayors, who led the take over and run things the town and who's achievements have been reported previously, were:

Name: بيار جرجس طنوس
Address: القريّة -قرب كنيسة مارجرجس-بناية طنوس(قبل الظهر) | عين الدلب - خلف حاجز الجيش - بناية حبيب سميا (بناية المختار) - ط 3
Phone: 03-383170
Registry Status: انتخب للمرة الولى سنة 2016


Name: جرجس حنا حليحل
Address: القريّة - جانب كنيسة مار جرجس
Phone: 03-892714
Registry Status: انتخب لولاية اولى سنة 2004, و اعيد انتخابه سنة 2010 للمرة الثانية, و جددت له الثقة للمرة الثالثة سنة 2016